sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Vitas "Noite Agitada" ao vivo de Blagoveshchensk (fotos inéditas pra você curtir!)

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Festival internacional de Ordos Nadam (em inglês)

On August 11 Vitas will take part in the opening of the 1st International Nadam Festival in Ordos city, Inner Mongolia, China. Nadam Festival is the greatest holiday for Mongolians. The Ordos International Nadam Festival is organized by China State Administration of Sport, China Ministry of Culture, China State Ethnic Affairs Commission and the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and operated by People’s Government of Ordos City, Administration of Sports of Inner Mongolia, the Department of Culture of Inner Mongolia, and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China Mongolia. The delegations from other Chinese provinces and the delegations from Russia, Mongolia, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Egypt and Chile will take part in Nadam Festival Opening. (Fonte: Vitas Official Site)